How to unbrick a SandForce SSD

If you are here to unbrick your SSD, as you are one of the lucky ones who happened to buy a SanForce Controller-based device back in the days, you are in the right place. Your drive is either recognised as SandForce {200026BB} in your Device Manager / System Report, or is completely bricked. Let’s get […]

Fallout Shelter Android

Fallout Shelter! Quando uscirà la versione per Android?

Quest’anno spetta a Bethesda il grande onore di aprire l’attesissimo Electronic Entertainment Expo, comunemente noto come E3! Nonostante l’annuncio di Fallout 4 e di Doom, non è passato inosservato quello di Fallout Shelter: l’applicazione che renderà il vostro smartphone o tablet simile a un Pip Boy!